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    TECHNO LAM 8882


    Our products -> Techno Lam 8882



    • To be used in the summertime
    • Can be applied up to 3/16 on an inch (0.187)
    • Easy non critical mixing ratio
    • Short handling time for a high produciton level
    • Not affected by acid or alkali solution washes
    • Excellent adhesion to humid concrete



    TECHNO LAM 8882 is a highly thixotropic epoxy laminating resin containing 100% solids and/or reactive materials.

    Especially formulated to repair residential sanitary pipes by trenchless method, it is supplied as a viscous and thixotropic liquid offering a short handling time period combined with an excellent chemical and water resistance when cured at room or elevated temperature.

    ideal for the repair of residential sanitary pipes during the summer time when a high temperature level is present and the technician requires a good pot life to proceed to the insertion of the composite in the pipe.  

    The curing time of the composite membrane will be of 8 hours at -30 degrees C but will be structural after 7 hours at this temperature according to the type of composite. 

    TECHNO LAM 8882 offers a good adhesion to different pipes such as concrete, ABS, cast iron among others.




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